Authorized Exporter of TATTOO STICKER


Transparent Background & White Background

Tattoo type (transparent background) & body paint type (white background) are available.

Inkjet Printer & Laser Printer

You can choose the product either for Inkjet printer or for laser printer.

How to make temporary tattoo sticker

tatoo sticker manual_01

1. Design on your PC and print out with "inverted printing" mode or "mirror printing" mode.

2. Dry up inks and peel away the green backing on short end of film.

  Inkjet printer Type:

  Dry well the printed sheet by hair dryer or please leave until it gets dry well.(approx.15-20 minutes)

3. Apply film carefully onto the printed sheet.

tatoo sticker manual_01

4. Cut along the design.

5. Peel off the film.

6. Apply sheet onto where you want and wet the backer.

tatoo sticker manual_01

7. Side off the backer from the sheet.

8. Well done!